The Phillips Club

BrenesCo was charged with refreshing The Phillips Club brand. BrenesCo developed the “Only in New York (at The Phillips Club)” campaign by looking at the target audience and the key attributes of The Phillips Club. The look and feel was completely refreshed through a redesign of the website, social media assets, collateral, digital and print advertising.

The Phillips Club is a unique hotel/residence. Some guests stay days, weeks or months while others own a fractional share of the Club. The driving insight was that The Phillips Club audience is diverse but all has one motivating factor in common. They come to the New York and want to act and feel like a local.

The look and feel followed the legacy of the brand’s simple black and white logo. BrenesCo concepted and produced a brand campaign, highlighting the diverse audience. Short phrases that express what the audience loves about New York worked as headlines. In the end, The Phillips Club provides a New York home for those who love the city and call it their second home.

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