BrenesCo. is where creativity and technology come together to emote brands and inspire people. 
We see experience as brand building because
brands aren’t defined by one element but the harmony of function and content.
Brands are about storytelling — they entertain us and educate us. They make us
feel more or learn more and make us care.

That’s why we integrate the story across digital and other places 
to capture the audience.
From brand content to building branded experience, we specialize in finding
beauty and bringing it to life.

And we do this because 
imagination is limitless.


Our Story

We started on the foundation of years of experience working in big advertising agencies on big brands, with the goal of offering a more nimble and collaborative agency experience. We began by helping entrepreneurs launch new brands and existing companies refresh theirs by designing visual identities, defining their brand’s look & feel, designing packaging, creating advertising and building websites. Having come from the two worlds of editorial and advertising, we quickly realized that compelling content is what sparks consumer attention and makes them care about brands. Now, we continue to focus on brand development and content creation and look to build real partnerships with our clients to develop beautifully effective work.


Our Thinking

We dive deep into your world. What we love about the creative process is learning all about a product or service, understanding its challenges and then finding that special sauce that makes an idea resonate. We are hands on and curate the right team to produce strategically driven creative solutions.

Our process is simple:
Listen: Immerse to understand the task
Define: Find the insight and plan for success
Create: Make the story
Develop: Production to bring the story to life

Our Team

Our team expands beyond our office walls. Our team is us: client, strategist, creatives and producers. We curate our team to meet the needs of the project. We care deeply about the work and see your success as our own. We thrive for aesthetically driven execution across all of our visual design, digital content and experiences—we seek partners who appreciate the value of well designed and crafted ideas.


Our Services

We work with our partners in creating branded digital experiences and intergrated marketing.
How a brand lives across owned, earned and paid media is where our imagination sparks.
Brand Experience (BX)
Voice, Look & Feel
Brand Identity & Design
Content Creation
Brand Campaigns
Brand Videos and Imagery
Social Media Campaigns
Editorial Content
Digital Design
Website Design
Digital Media Assets
Social Media Assets
Marketing Materials


A note from our founder

My philosophy is to find the insights, keep it simple and connect with your targeted audience. I’ve been lucky to have gained the respect of some of the most successful brands in the world through creative and strategic collaborations that generate beautiful, effective campaigns, programs and identities.

I began my career in editorial design after graduating from Parsons School of Design. Working on the redesigns of Seventeen and Los Angeles Magazine, I mastered the art of deconstructing and rebuilding communications.

I quickly learned that it’s not enough to simply create beautiful content and designs. Effective creative is about connections — how we connect, why we connect and who we connect with. These are all parts of creating greatness and understanding why it works. I value authentic connections that compel action, whether it’s to engage, build awareness, click to purchase or capture new customers.