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Using a fair and transparent, competitive process, Smithsonian Journeys selected BrenesCo to redesign their tour catalog. Mailed to past travelers and new prospects, the catalog is a key in attaining new bookings by sparking interest and a strong desire to travel with Smithsonian Journeys. Understanding the audience, and how to connect with them, BrenesCo set out with a fresh approach to the catalog’s positioning, design, look and feel.


Every design element of the catalog was redesigned, the page layout, the fonts, the imagery, and the overall look and feel were all conceived with the end goal of speaking to the target audience to build excitement, greater engagement, greater awareness and a strong sense of desire to book a trip with Smithsonian Journeys.

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While still early to measure the full impact of the redesign, early signs are pointing in the right direction, with positive feedback and with many new customers engaged and bookings received. BrenesCo aims to continue to update the aesthetics in partnership with Smithsonian Journeys to increase bookings and raise the bar even higher in the months to come.

Smithsonian Journeys, an enduring leader in cultural and enrichment, expert-led travel, offers a broad array of land and cruise journeys on all seven continents. Traveling with Smithsonian Journeys, means exploring the world with experts who are masters at bringing to life the local history, culture and texture of each location. These unique and enriched travel experiences set Smithsonian Journeys apart from other travel programs. Smithsonian Journeys travelers are sophisticated, educated and affluent individuals who seek unforgettable travel experiences

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