Lencore is a technology company that engineers, builds and installs sound masking, audio and mass notification systems across millions of square footage in work spaces throughout the United States. BrenesCo. worked with Lencore to establish a branded look and feel across all digital platforms, sales materials and industry events
BrenesCo. worked to establish a branded look and feel across all digital platforms, sales materials and industry events. The competition is fierce in the audio technology arena, and Lencore needed to establish its rightful place as an industry leader in sound masking and mass notification. Although Lencore’s products and services are the best in the industry, Lencore recognized the need to create a stronger brand identity to set its business apart and grab market share.

Operating in a sometimes complicated industry, Lencore sought to establish a brand platform that speaks to comfort, privacy and productivity in the workplace. “Because People Matter” became the foundation of all branding efforts. The key to defining Lencore’s identity was to establish branding that focuses on the comfort and productivity that come from working in a healthy environment grounded in well engineered systems.

Because People Matter became the foundation of all the branding efforts

BrenesCo. created a cleaner, more modern look cross digital and printed materials by creating and producing branded content videos and images to build greater brand awareness while helping to increase sales.

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Lencore works with contractors and companies nationwide, and wanted to develop an educational tool that explains the installation process of their products. BrenesCo created and produced a series of installation videos to be used by the salesforce, on the the company’s website and in the field by installers and contractors.

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