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Creatively driven and powered by strategic thinking. We partner with brands to find their authentic truth and articulate it an engaging and meaningful way.

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About Us


We believe every brand has an authentic story to tell and it is our mission
to capture that story and communicate it smartly, engagingly and strategically.

We believe in finding the beauty in every brand,
inspired by strategy and insight.

We believe we must earn the consumer’s respect
in order to compel them to action.

We believe the value of originality
is higher than ever before.

We believe in our hyper-stimulated world, that which
gives you a moment’s pause is what matters most.

Do so much more with less.

BrenesCo. was founded in 2006 on the simple idea of offering a more streamlined strategic creative agency. Inspired by the strategic processes of business leaders and the organic creative development of art and entertainment, the agency launched with the goal of pursuing solutions that authentically touch the consumer and deliver results.

The agency has helped entrepreneurs launch successful new brands and existing brands refresh and reinvent their image. With a team of experienced advertising and design talents, the agency has developed strategic concepts across digital and traditional media. All creative is executed with the highest aesthetic.

Our creative and strategic expertise has attracted diverse and distinguished clients
across a range of industries, including fashion, beauty, retail, home furnishing, travel
and hospitality.

At BrenesCo., there are no excess layers to navigate through, no wasted hours or unfamiliar faces…just an agency that looks to do more with less.


1: Assess

Through immersion, discovery and collaboration, the goal is to find the brand’s individual story, then position that insight within the marketplace to differentiate and define the brand’s platform.

2: Create

Creative development then embraces the brand’s insights and guides our thinking. Depending on the brand’s need and category landscape, our team may develop a brand book or identity, a brand website, digital content, an advertising campaign or new thinking around social media.

3: Produce

Aesthetics are a guiding principle in executing impactful campaigns. Through our relationships and resources, we assemble the best possible team to bring the concept to life and touch the consumer in an honest and meaningful way.

4: Reach

In partnership, we propose a communication plan for targeted media and digital reach, unlocking the possibilities so that consumers can fully experience the ultimate expression of the brand.

Expertise + Services

Leane Brenes Creative Director

Leane began her career in editorial design after graduating from Parsons School of Design. She led teams in the redesign of such iconic magazines as Seventeen, Los Angeles Magazine and InStyle – the latter, one the most successful launches in Time Inc.’s history.

As Group Creative Director at Deutsch Inc., Leane steered global campaigns for Revlon, Tommy Hilfiger, Starwood Hotels and LenCrafters. Working with talents including Robert Altman, Steve Hicks, Janusz Kaminski, Peter Lindbergh, Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth, Julianne Moore, EvaMendes and Susan Sarandon, Leane launched the “Sexy Story in Four Parts” mini movie for Revlon. This “Sexy Story in Four Parts” marked a revolution in beauty advertising, successfully injecting Revlon into the mindset of younger cosmetic users and significantly elevating brand perception.

Leane’s strengths lie in her ability to bridge art and commerce. Leane subscribes to the notion that powerful ideas can transcend business objectives and “touch” the consumer in compelling and meaningful ways. Working side by side with client, her thoughtful and passionate approach ignites intelligent, smart and elegant solutions that propel brands.



Leane Brenes - Creative Director & Founder


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